Photography is about being in the right place at the right time. When that "Special Light" falls on your subject you want to be ready to record the event. You might not get a second chance. All of these pictures are available in large format prints with sizes that can exceed 60"x40" or as screen savers. Click on any picture to view it in a larger size. At any time you can return to the Home Page by clicking on the words "VISIONINTIME" at the upper left part of your screen. Ed Registrato

Lake Pleasant Storm
First Light
Desert Light
Cactus Scene
Returning Birds
Lynx Lake Fog
Lynx Lake
Sunset Rest Stop
Sunrise in the Forest
Rolling Fog
Falling Rain
Early Morning Fog
Lakeside Road
Lakeside Path
Heritage View Point
Mountain Rains
Dark Clouds
Dewey Field
View at Stone Ridge
Dirt Road
Desert Floor
Early morning lift off
Open View
North Phoenix Cactus
Sedona Storms
Sedona View
Sunset Point
Falling Light